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Why 18:21 ?

The 18 through 21 years are those difficult years that entail your transition into adulthood. You are finally free. You can legally be responsible for yourself. You can do what you want to do. But, many of us are unprepared for this freedom. We take it and we misuse it. These are the years where we try to live our best life while just being introduced to a new phase of life.

18:21 is here to help 18 through 21 years olds through that transitional time, all while helping them grow in their relationship with Christ. Although 18-21 year olds may not want to be a part of a group or they may not want to have a support system 18:21 is here nonetheless. It isn’t until the latter of those years that so many people look back and wish they had more support, more guidance, and more help.

We know what it is like to try to live life thinking you have all the answers. We know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed as life is changing so rapidly. We know what it’s like to feel lost or confused as you try to enjoy life and figure life out at the same time. 18:21 is all about one generation reaching down to show another generation the way. The way to peace. The way to life. The way to purpose and fulfillment. The way is not by chasing the pleasures of this world. The way is not toiling for success. The way is through Jesus Christ, who saves who, who created you, who knows your purpose, who loves you, who wants to be in relationship with you, and who wants you to be ALL that He created you to be. It’s when you find God, and grow in God that life takes on its true form. Challenges and trials will start to make sense. Your efforts will lead to your fulfillment. You will find grace and mercy along the way. You will find yourself safe in the midst of chaos. In God’s hands there’s peace, joy, and love.

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